It Could Have Been My Child

We need to get a bit real here. Like grab-a-cup-of-coffee-lean-in-on-the-couch-and listen-a-bit-real. I’ve lost my child. If you think for a moment, you know you’ve probably lost your child. You remember that feeling too well. Your body is tensing up and your stomach feels uneasy. You don’t have to think. You know; you don’t forget that.Continue Reading “It Could Have Been My Child”

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Hot Topic: Crib at a Restaurant?

Hot Topic: Crib at a Restaurant? Have you about the Brooklyn, NY couple who wheeled their baby’s crib to a restaurant, parked it next to an outdoor table and had brunch? HUH?! People with kids can certainly understand about wanting to go out for breakfast, lunch or dinner – getting out of the house. But aContinue Reading “Hot Topic: Crib at a Restaurant?”

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Why I Don’t Read Parenting Books…Usually

Being the first of my group of friends to have a baby I’m often asked what parenting book I read and which would I recommend.  I didn’t really read any. A fact which is usually  accompanied by shocked looks and mouths open.  It’s not because I’m so amazing, not by a long shot.  I justContinue Reading “Why I Don’t Read Parenting Books…Usually”