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Hot Topic: Crib at a Restaurant?

Hot Topic: Crib at a Restaurant? Have you about the Brooklyn, NY couple who wheeled their baby’s crib to a restaurant, parked it next to an outdoor table and had brunch? HUH?! People with kids can certainly understand about wanting to go out for breakfast, lunch or dinner – getting out of the house. But aContinue Reading “Hot Topic: Crib at a Restaurant?”

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Why I Don’t Read Parenting Books…Usually

Being the first of my group of friends to have a baby I’m often asked what parenting book I read and which would I recommend.  I didn’t really read any. A fact which is usually  accompanied by shocked looks and mouths open.  It’s not because I’m so amazing, not by a long shot.  I justContinue Reading “Why I Don’t Read Parenting Books…Usually”


Zombies Among Us?

Zombies seem to be everywhere in pop culture right now. Zombie movies, television shows, festivals, even on the news but who would’ve thought there were zombies walking among us who had gone largely unnoticed for decades? Zombies with bags under their eyes, moving silently, even sleepily throughout their towns, Zombies in bathrobes, pajamas, wrinkled clothes,Continue Reading “Zombies Among Us?”