What We Need More of at the Oscars

I’ll admit it… I am easily drawn by the beautiful dresses and hearing what the well-known actors have to say during the Oscars or any other Hollywood awards night. It’s all a bit rehearsed and unnatural, and at times down right annoying, but hey, I’m only human. My eyes are drawn to all the colorsContinue Reading “What We Need More of at the Oscars”


A Lesson Learned from the Oscars, “Don’t Give Up!”

Sunday evening’s 2014 Oscar presentation may have found many of us glued to our seats. We may have dreamt of being in the audience, sharing a slice of pizza with Meryl Streep. Jennifer Brofer enjoyed the Oscars in the comfort of her apartment, with her three roommates and a friends she met in 2013, atContinue Reading “A Lesson Learned from the Oscars, “Don’t Give Up!””


The Military and the Oscars

Through the years, the Military has been portrayed in many ways by Hollywood; sometimes good, sometimes not so good.  From “The Sands of Iwo Jima” to “Top Gun”, “Hot Shots” to “Memphis Belle”, there have been all types of Military movies that have graced the silver screen. We, the hubby and I, happen to beContinue Reading “The Military and the Oscars”