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Why Aren’t You Saving With Groupon Coupon?

I can still remember the days that I would buy something online without a coupon code. <— (ohhh the horror) I don’t even want to think about all the money that I could have saved. But long gone are those days! And especially as a stay at home military spouse, I need to find ways toContinue Reading “Why Aren’t You Saving With Groupon Coupon?”


Coupon Madness? Where to Start…

Hello to all of you coupon savvy shoppers!  Where do you go to clip your coupons?  Do you get them from your local newspaper?  Magazines?  Do you access the internet and print your own?  I thought I would help you sort through some of the chaos and list a few of the most used sitesContinue Reading “Coupon Madness? Where to Start…”