5 Ways to Make Resolutions Last

Making My Resolutions Last The month of January has always been a fickle one. It is a month where all your expectations and desires for New Year’s Resolutions are born and sadly begin to die. We inaugurate our New Year with extreme confidence in set goals while celebrating a chance to start fresh once again.Continue Reading “5 Ways to Make Resolutions Last”


New Year-New You: 5 Steps For You

New Year-New You: 5 Steps For You New year, new you. That is everyone’s motto when the new year arrives. We use the new year as an excuse to get fit or start eating healthier or making decisions about our job or family. We begin creating our new selves, and hopefully, this time around weContinue Reading “New Year-New You: 5 Steps For You”


Everyday is a New Year’s Resolution

Everyday is a New Year’s Resolution On New Year’s Eve the clock strikes the last tones of midnight.  The ball in Times Square flashes 2014. We will sip the last golden drops of champagne from our glass, bubbles tickling our noses.  Our laughter, our smiles and our hearts bursting with the hope and promise ofContinue Reading “Everyday is a New Year’s Resolution”

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Happy New Year, America!

Happy New Year America!  I love the fact that we live in a country where diversity is celebrated.  I was reflecting on the traditions we use to celebrate New Year’s Day- for my family it’s black eyed peas, collard greens, corn bread and a big ham hock.  We believe that the colors of the foodContinue Reading “Happy New Year, America!”