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National Guard Spouse: Don’t Be a Loner

As a National Guard spouse it is very easy to blend into my civilian world, going on in life not standing out in any crowd. This would be fine if there was never a time my husband went away for a TDY, training or a deployment. If we never had to deal with health insuranceContinue Reading “National Guard Spouse: Don’t Be a Loner”

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Dear National Guard and Reserve Spouse

Dear National Guard and Reserve Spouse, I see you. I see that you are just like me. That you fight back the same tears, straighten the same shoulders, and force that same last, little smile when you watch him walk away not knowing if that is the last time. I see you hold those sameContinue Reading “Dear National Guard and Reserve Spouse”

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5 Reasons Why We Love Being a National Guard Spouse

  Collaboration Post By: Angela Caban and Rheanna Christine, National Guard Spouses Here at the HUN, we aren’t shy about our love for the National Guard. The ups and downs, life and its unique challenges are something we’ve discussed many times before. However, on any given day we will probably tell you that we areContinue Reading “5 Reasons Why We Love Being a National Guard Spouse”

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National Guard 101: A Handbook for Spouses

Finally, a book geared towards Army National Guard Spouses! Since 9/11, virtually every unit of the National Guard—a force the size of the entire active Army—has served on active duty for one or more of the deployments at home or abroad. The last time that the entire National Guard had been mobilized was for World War II.Continue Reading “National Guard 101: A Handbook for Spouses”