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National Guard Wife Takes Helping Others Personally

  Cara Loken seeks to connect veterans with canines after watching her own son’s experiences. PLATTVILLE, ALABAMA – Cara Loken hasn’t only known the separation of deployment from her view as a military spouse, the National Guard wife of 16 years watched as her oldest son deployed to combat. Seeing his own experiences play outContinue Reading “National Guard Wife Takes Helping Others Personally”

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So Your Spouse Just Joined the National Guard?

I have been an Army National Guard spouse for about 18 months now, and in that time, my husband has been to many weekend drills and one two-week AT (Annual Training.) He has not been deployed with the Guard, or called away to help in a natural disaster, even though the possibility is always inContinue Reading “So Your Spouse Just Joined the National Guard?”

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Dear Active Duty Spouse

Dear Active Duty Spouse, I sat down and read your letter today. Your words flowed so freely and openly. You acknowledged every feeling, every moment, and every experience. You and I are the same, I’ve always thought so. But, you wouldn’t believe what people say to me, or maybe you can, which is why youContinue Reading “Dear Active Duty Spouse”

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5 Reasons Why We Love Being a National Guard Spouse

  Collaboration Post By: Angela Caban and Rheanna Christine, National Guard Spouses Here at the HUN, we aren’t shy about our love for the National Guard. The ups and downs, life and its unique challenges are something we’ve discussed many times before. However, on any given day we will probably tell you that we areContinue Reading “5 Reasons Why We Love Being a National Guard Spouse”