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Turn Your Hobby into a Career

MyCareerWorks in now offering a six month Social Media Manager Program, among its MyCAA approved programs. Social Media skills are in big demand by employers and this is one job that is truly portable. Their university certificate business programs feature Microsoft Office Certification training. The programs are all online, and on-demand and feature open enrollment whichContinue Reading “Turn Your Hobby into a Career”

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MyCAA Programs for Today’s Military Spouse

29The official mission statement of the DoD’s MyCAA program is to “provide scholarships for military spouses to enable them to pursue the training necessary to facilitate gainful employment in high demand, high growth portable career fields”. The program, more commonly referred to as Spouse Tuition Assistance, has well intentions, but doesn’t always fulfill its goalContinue Reading “MyCAA Programs for Today’s Military Spouse”

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Apple iPad Air & Amazon Fire Giveaway for Military Spouses!

MyCareerWorks is announcing the MyCAA Scholarship Awareness Campaign which features an Apple iPad Air & Amazon Fire Giveaway for Military Spouses! This is to promote the MyCAA Spouse Scholarship and to counter the misconceptions of the program. A recent analysis conducted by the Rand Corporation indicates that the scholarship program still seems to be underused.Continue Reading “Apple iPad Air & Amazon Fire Giveaway for Military Spouses!”

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New MyCAA Programs for Military Spouses

MyCAA Made Easy Being a Military spouse is full of challenges but help is available for those who wish to pursue an education. The MyCAA program assists military spouses in portable careers that can be learned online so no matter where your military life takes you can carry your training, and career with you.  TheContinue Reading “New MyCAA Programs for Military Spouses”