The First Move

My husband and I just completed our first PCS (Permanent Change of Station) together, across the country from our home state. I’ve never lived more than 5 hours away from home and no further than a three state span of my entire extended family. Being completely honest, I’m not the most flexible when it comesContinue Reading “The First Move”


Is the Grass Really Greener When it’s Yours?

How different is that grass really, on the other side? The side that settles down, buys a house, stays in one place. Is it greener when you own instead of rent? Does it make you feel different about your town, your state, when you stay in one place? In the last nine years I haveContinue Reading “Is the Grass Really Greener When it’s Yours?”

Coast Guard Homefront

It’s Their Move Too!

During transfer time there are so many things to focus on; some things tend to get pushed aside. One of these things can, unfortunately, end up being our pets. This is rarely done on purpose, but in the chaos it can be easy to forget that it is their move too. Just like people, petsContinue Reading “It’s Their Move Too!”