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Back to School in a New Town

Content Courtesy of USAA Member Community By Briana Hartzell Transitioning from summer’s long days and endless playing is hard enough — add in a new town and a new school, and it can be nerve-wracking! The first and most important step in preparing for a new school year in a new town is to communicateContinue Reading “Back to School in a New Town”

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Military Moves: Motivating Your Military Kids for the Next PCS

  Guest Blog By: Tricia Ross It’s that time of year: PCS season. Thousands of military families are in full preparation mode for what is the busiest moving season for installations around the globe. Whether you have orders in hand or are still waiting for a hard copy, let the planning begin. Well-prepared parents areContinue Reading “Military Moves: Motivating Your Military Kids for the Next PCS”

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Buying a Home: A Military Wife’s Guide

It never seems to be the right time to buy a home if you are a military family. There are too many “what ifs” in terms of the length of your investment. What if you PCS next summer? What if you can’t rent it out when you do eventually move? What if you don’t getContinue Reading “Buying a Home: A Military Wife’s Guide”