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Where’d the Fun Go? Getting Your Fun Back

When I watch home videos of when my now eight-year-old daughter was a baby, I wonder if it’s really me behind the camera. The person talking seems to be somebody who is lively and fun. It’s somebody who was enjoying the moment and creating an upbeat narration to go along with it. No, that couldn’tContinue Reading “Where’d the Fun Go? Getting Your Fun Back”


10 Things Military Spouses Do Best

The life of a military spouse. If you’re reading this and are a spouse you know that this life can be a roller coaster of emotions. Along the ride, we have picked up quite a few techniques and a special set of skills when it comes to deployments, PCS’ing, solo-parenting, and much more. With MilitaryContinue Reading “10 Things Military Spouses Do Best”

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Here’s What Happens When You Spend Time Alone

Being alone. What does that even mean today in age? Are we ever really alone? In case you haven’t noticed, we live in a time where the need of being “connected” is worth more than the time spent alone. It’s a world of constant contact, never-ending noises of notifications, texts, tweets, and emails. The resultContinue Reading “Here’s What Happens When You Spend Time Alone”


The Battle Between Military Spouses

“You don’t wear your service member’s rank.” “All spouses are just that- spouses.” “You didn’t earn the rank. They did. Spouses are all equal regardless of rank.” As the wife of an active duty Marine I hear this quite often, and I believe it fervently. But in the politics that surrounds the military lifestyle, thoseContinue Reading “The Battle Between Military Spouses”