5 Spooky Things about Military Spouse Life

Murphy knows when to strike, and despite our constant preparedness for him, he still has eerily good timing. Like when the refrigerator broke the day of deployment, or the kids got sick the weekend of staff duty, there are just some things that we can count on. In the spirit of ghosts and goblins, thereContinue Reading “5 Spooky Things about Military Spouse Life”

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Where’d the Fun Go? Getting Your Fun Back

When I watch home videos of when my now eight-year-old daughter was a baby, I wonder if it’s really me behind the camera. The person talking seems to be somebody who is lively and fun. It’s somebody who was enjoying the moment and creating an upbeat narration to go along with it. No, that couldn’tContinue Reading “Where’d the Fun Go? Getting Your Fun Back”

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6 Skills You Might Have Mastered by Being a Military Spouse

Content Courtesy of USAA Member Community By: Briana Hartzell There are many reasons I love being a military spouse (number one being married to my husband), but what I also appreciate are the opportunities it gives us to be experts in areas we never dreamed of. Here are six skills you might have mastered forContinue Reading “6 Skills You Might Have Mastered by Being a Military Spouse”


The Arms that Carry an Army

When thousands said no, you said yes.  When thousands ridicule and misunderstand, you calmly twirl the ring on your left hand, you wait, you pray. You choose to serve as your soldier, sailor, marine, airman and coastie chooses to serve. You honor the flag, honor the service, and honor your spouse by holding strong, byContinue Reading “The Arms that Carry an Army”