“Communication is key!” We’ve all heard that before, and it is true. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, however. Really though, relationships aren’t easy. They are hard, and they take work. Real relationships aren’t fairytales. We may want them to be and the happiness of a fairytale may be there. But, reality is, you don’t justContinue Reading “Communication”

Deployment/PCS Homefront


Trust is a key component in any relationship. It is also one of the things people struggle with the most. It is hard to totally and completely trust that someone is not going to hurt you. By the time we fall in love and get married, most of us have been hurt and have hadContinue Reading “Trust”

Male Spouses

The Solution!

In part 1 of this series I shared the grim statistics concerning female service members and their marriages. Mainly the marriages of the women that are married who serve in the Army. According to the information I was given I found out that men married to female soldiers make up only 9% of the spousesContinue Reading “The Solution!”