It’s Time to Come Clean

I’ve been holding back the past couple of months and that isn’t something I like to do. I’ve wanted to tell you so many times, since the HUN has been in existence, “We’re moving!” We’re moving to Richmond, VA for three years for I & I duty. We’re moving to Oklahoma for three years andContinue Reading “It’s Time to Come Clean”


Whatever you do, just don’t call me Ma’am!

My husband had duty this past weekend and I took him dinner on Saturday night. I always take him dinner when he’s on duty and we have a picnic, on the duty desk, with the Sergeant of the Guard and the Duty Driver. It’s romantic, in a military relationship kind of way. We went outContinue Reading “Whatever you do, just don’t call me Ma’am!”

Deployment/PCS National Guard/Reserve

Why I Signed Up

When I was a lot younger, I remember sitting in a service at the campus church we attended. The pastor was speaking about marriage, and for some reason, I actually paid attention and remember it like it was yesterday. He said a wife was supposed to “leave and cleave”- leave her parents and cleave toContinue Reading “Why I Signed Up”


Silly Girl, He Remembers.

The dreaded D-word has been creeping back into my life lately and I find I’ve been remembering things about the last go around that seem so silly in my more stable mindset. My husband and I were on base this past weekend and I was reminded of an incredibly real, yet oh-so-silly fear I hadContinue Reading “Silly Girl, He Remembers.”