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2017 Tax Guide for the Military Family

Get your documents together. It’s that time of year to get organized for filing your taxes. Whether you will owe Uncle Sam money or are expecting a tax refund in your account, service members and their families have access to tax filing resources that won’t cost a thing.   2017 Tax Guide for the MilitaryContinue Reading “2017 Tax Guide for the Military Family”


5 Spooky Things about Military Spouse Life

  Murphy knows when to strike, and despite our constant preparedness for him, he still has eerily good timing. Like when the refrigerator broke the day of deployment, or the kids got sick the weekend of staff duty, there are just some things that we can count on. In the spirit of ghosts and goblins,Continue Reading “5 Spooky Things about Military Spouse Life”


The Battle Between Military Spouses

“You don’t wear your service member’s rank.” “All spouses are just that- spouses.” “You didn’t earn the rank. They did. Spouses are all equal regardless of rank.” As the wife of an active duty Marine I hear this quite often, and I believe it fervently. But in the politics that surrounds the military lifestyle, thoseContinue Reading “The Battle Between Military Spouses”


Your Top Money Questions… Answered!

  A few weeks ago we asked readers what some of their top money questions were that they needed answered. We are thrilled to have Certified Financial Planner, JJ Montanaro from USAA to help us answer your top money questions. Your Top Money Questions… Answered! QUESTION: How do you determine whether to refinance a conventionalContinue Reading “Your Top Money Questions… Answered!”