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Do Our Military Kids Grow Up Too Fast?

Too often I find myself thinking about how the military lifestyle has affected me, a military spouse. My blog and many others I follow are directed toward military spouses and how we can overcome the difficulties of deployments, numerous moves, demanding schedules, single parenting, and the unpredictability that is military life. I get so wrappedContinue Reading “Do Our Military Kids Grow Up Too Fast?”

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That Time of Year

It’s that inevitable time of year again. The time of year when every kid, despite when their birthday falls, ages another year. Back to School. It’s always a bittersweet time for me. I’m so proud of my children for the wonderfully kind, intelligent, and compassionate people that they are becoming, but at the same timeContinue Reading “That Time of Year”

Homefront Military Kids/Special Needs

Hearing Our Childs Voice

Since April is the Month of the Military Child, I decided to sit down and ask my children what being a military child means to them. I was able to get my 8yr old, 5yr old and 3yr olds perspective on the subject. As I sat down and talked with them individually about being aContinue Reading “Hearing Our Childs Voice”