Should a 7th Grader Take the SAT?

My 7th grade brother took the SAT in January. Does that catch your attention? Perhaps I should have started with this instead: My 7th grade (much younger than me) brother just outscored the average high school senior on this January’s SAT. Perhaps my preoccupation with college readiness with my own students for the past decadeContinue Reading “Should a 7th Grader Take the SAT?”

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Giving our Kids a Better Chance at Health

Children are like sponges. As early as infancy, they begin soaking up everything around them. They are constantly on the prowl for new and exciting stimulation, they touch everything, taste everything and ask about every noise. Their endless energy keeps them moving way beyond what we adults can keep up with. They are desperate toContinue Reading “Giving our Kids a Better Chance at Health”

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Should We Set Military Standards for Our Children?

Standards are a way of life for the military: Military dress has standards, Physical Training tests, and even entry into the military itself has high literacy and fitness standards. High standards helps the US maintain a strong fighting force. For military children, standards may just provide the strong force in education to help give themContinue Reading “Should We Set Military Standards for Our Children?”

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Five Last Minute Gifts for your Military Kid

If you are anything like me, occasionally there’s one elusive gift that you just can’t put your finger on; something to be the icing on the cake, the cherry on the sundae. You want the one little gift that will complete the grouping under the tree or fill the stocking just right. As a militaryContinue Reading “Five Last Minute Gifts for your Military Kid”