My 30th Birthday, Deployment and Infertility

2013 will be another year of changes. One of those changes being a mini and full deployment for the husband and the big 3-0 birthday for me. Really, if I sit down and think about it, the military lifestyle means tons of changes every year, some expected and others unexpected. As a military spouse IContinue Reading “My 30th Birthday, Deployment and Infertility”

Deployment/PCS National Guard/Reserve

Deployment: The Fear of the Unknown

Military spouses, we are a special breed. We married into this life knowing somewhat of what it would entail. We chose it just like our husbands did when they enlisted. Of course we didn’t have to endure basic training and we’re not the ones being deployed, but we have our own trials and tribulations thatContinue Reading “Deployment: The Fear of the Unknown”