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Nurturing Your Marriage When Your Spouse Won’t Seek Therapy

Guest Post By: Ingrid Herrera-Yee, PhD Married life isn’t easy. It takes work. Every. Single. Day. The outside world, responsibilities, and stressors all have an impact on your life as a couple. This holds true whether you’re in a civilian or a military marriage. But, add to it the stress and strain of moves, deployments, TDY’sContinue Reading “Nurturing Your Marriage When Your Spouse Won’t Seek Therapy”

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Are You Dating Your Spouse? 3 Clear Reasons Why You Should

Most married couples have that thought in the back of their minds where they know that they should be dating their spouse. Most feel guilty if they don’t spend enough quality time together. Most know that they should get away from work, home, and kids to be alone together. But sometimes finding the time andContinue Reading “Are You Dating Your Spouse? 3 Clear Reasons Why You Should”


The Truth Behind the Fairytale

We all grew up with the same stories that have the same endings. The prince sweeps the princess off her feet, they get married, and live happily ever after. However, what those fairytales don’t tell you is what happens after the wedding. The wedding is the easy part, life afterward is where the real workContinue Reading “The Truth Behind the Fairytale”


My Five Secrets for a Lasting Marriage

As my anniversary approaches at the end of the month, I find myself reflecting on my marriage. My wedding day seems like a lifetime ago. My husband and I are two completely different people now than we were on that day eleven years go. However, we have grown closer as we’ve matured and we canContinue Reading “My Five Secrets for a Lasting Marriage”