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First Aid Tips For Toddlers

When children are learning to walk, and gaining control of their balance, little accidents can be an everyday occurrence. The trouble is that toddlers can be notoriously difficult customers at times, and if they are hurt or injured, this is no exception. Sometimes they may even protest when you are trying to administer first aid.Continue Reading “First Aid Tips For Toddlers”

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Giving our Kids a Better Chance at Health

Children are like sponges. As early as infancy, they begin soaking up everything around them. They are constantly on the prowl for new and exciting stimulation, they touch everything, taste everything and ask about every noise. Their endless energy keeps them moving way beyond what we adults can keep up with. They are desperate toContinue Reading “Giving our Kids a Better Chance at Health”


Summer Treats You Can Enjoy Without Guilt

Summer treats are a cherished pastime for many. When temperatures rise, nothing beats cooling off with an ice-cold popsicle or a good, old-fashioned ice cream cone. But these treats tend to get a bad rap for their high sugar and fat content, levels of preservatives, and artificial colors and flavorings. This is enough to leaveContinue Reading “Summer Treats You Can Enjoy Without Guilt”


Get Creative: Blogs to Help You Refresh Your Life

I am not the most creative of people. I always tend towards black or white with my clothing, I shy away from overly bold colors when decorating my home. If I do get the itch for something crafty, a few minutes in Michael’s is enough to send me into an anxiety attack from the sheerContinue Reading “Get Creative: Blogs to Help You Refresh Your Life”