4th of July Fun on a Budget

Sponsored Content Courtesy of USAA Member Community By: Angela Caban The 4th of July has always been a very special holiday for our household. We are celebrating the birth of our great nation, and as a military family, this has a significant meaning to us. But even though we like to imagine elaborate cookouts – perfectlyContinue Reading “4th of July Fun on a Budget”


5 Must-Follow Parade Safety Tips

Sponsored Content Courtesy of MilTribe Blog By: Angela Caban Do you remember the excitement of marching in or watching a parade as a kid? Joining in on parade fun with your family is a great outing – no matter the age. Parades are also very budget-friendly, either being inexpensive or, many times, free. However, now,Continue Reading “5 Must-Follow Parade Safety Tips”

Military Martha

Raising a Nation

July 4th has always been a special holiday ya’ll in the Martha household.  Not only are we celebratin’ the birth of our great nation, but we’re celebratin’ our family with two birthdays- mine and Liberty Belle’s.  The celebration of family and the birth of our nation, got me thinkin’ about how similar it is.  ParentingContinue Reading “Raising a Nation”