My husband left again this morning and this past weekend I began to feel like we’ve been so caught up in doctor’s appointments, errands, work, attending social functions and life in general, that we’ve just been two ships passing in the night. Life is non-stop and weekends are pretty much non-existent. I long for a weekendContinue Reading “Disconnected”


It’s Time to Come Clean

I’ve been holding back the past couple of months and that isn’t something I like to do. I’ve wanted to tell you so many times, since the HUN has been in existence, “We’re moving!” We’re moving to Richmond, VA for three years for I & I duty. We’re moving to Oklahoma for three years andContinue Reading “It’s Time to Come Clean”

DIY/Crafts Homefront

Calling all Crafty and Creative Minds, Alike!

Frank and I discussed writing our own vows for our wedding ceremony. After much thought and consideration, we decided against it and instead wrote each other a letter. Our letters were delivered to each other, by the maid of honor and best man, the morning of the wedding. I knew we wanted to keep them andContinue Reading “Calling all Crafty and Creative Minds, Alike!”