The Jewish Easter Bunny

Perhaps I should preface this tale with a story of what shall forever more be known as Christmas-Gate 2000 and something. (Am I the only one who has no concept of time other than about how old my kids were at the time and what country my husband was temporarily calling home?) Anyway, it’s 1:30Continue Reading “The Jewish Easter Bunny”

Deployment/PCS Homefront

Ways to Combat Holiday Separation

Sponsored post by USAA This post was originally published in the USAA Member Community – Ways to Combat Holiday Separation Ways to Combat Holiday Separation By: Angela Caban The holidays are a wonderful time of the year in which we are surrounded by family, friends and joyous cheer. But, for a military family going throughContinue Reading “Ways to Combat Holiday Separation”


Ten Fun Ways to Stay Active Through the Holidays

I know how it is. The kids are home on holiday break and parents have time off of work. Family gatherings and holiday parties fill the schedules. Any time that is not jam-packed with shopping, cooking or social outings is spent seeking some well-deserved relaxation on the couch. The holiday season undoubtedly can be stressfulContinue Reading “Ten Fun Ways to Stay Active Through the Holidays”


Not Home for the Holidays

Not Home for the Holidays – Homefront United Network Ask almost any military spouse and they will tell you the hardest part of this time of year is not being able to go home for the holidays. Leave is hard to come by and let’s face it, travel is very expensive around the holidays. Most of us simply cannot makeContinue Reading “Not Home for the Holidays”