Throw a Last-Minute Halloween Party on a Budget

Halloween is a week away, and that means ghoulish (or pretty) costumes, candy, and Halloween parties. We have three young girls – two of whom already understand the amazingness that is candy and one who I’m sure will have a good idea of it once the night is through. And if you’re anything like ourContinue Reading “Throw a Last-Minute Halloween Party on a Budget”


5 Spooky Things about Military Spouse Life

Murphy knows when to strike, and despite our constant preparedness for him, he still has eerily good timing. Like when the refrigerator broke the day of deployment, or the kids got sick the weekend of staff duty, there are just some things that we can count on. In the spirit of ghosts and goblins, thereContinue Reading “5 Spooky Things about Military Spouse Life”

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3 Great Trunk-or-Treat Ideas

  “Mom,” she shouts from the other room, “I want to be Kitty Cheshire for Halloween.” Five minutes later she’s changed her mind to another Ever After High character. She goes back and forth each day. Yes, it’s October. While the weather is turning a little cooler and those of you with foliage are enjoyingContinue Reading “3 Great Trunk-or-Treat Ideas”

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Make it a Sweet Halloween: Good Dental Hygiene

“This post was sponsored by the MetLife TRICARE Dental Program as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central.” As long as I can remember the only reason I loved Halloween was for the candy, I guess you can say growing up I had a sweet tooth. The fun behind dressing up and trick-or-treating wasContinue Reading “Make it a Sweet Halloween: Good Dental Hygiene”