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Online Schooling While in the National Guard

Getting a college education can seem like a daunting task. For the men and women who serve their country in the National Guard, it can seem difficult to find time to study on top of their regular responsibilities. Thankfully, online colleges have come a long way! It is now much easier to brush up onContinue Reading “Online Schooling While in the National Guard”


College Savings: Never too Early or too Late

For those parents with young children, the idea of saving for college can seem like a far off and distant worry. Parents may suddenly find themselves only a year or two out from that first semester’s tuition bill with no college savings for their child, and no idea how to start saving. If your childContinue Reading “College Savings: Never too Early or too Late”

Career/Education National Guard/Reserve

Twelve Years Out, and I Wanted to Go Back…

Twelve years out of school and I wanted to go back. What was I thinking? Could I do it?  The answer at the end of a two year program was YES and I loved every minute of it. Becoming a National Registered paramedic was the best decision of my life, not to mention a lifeContinue Reading “Twelve Years Out, and I Wanted to Go Back…”