How Busy Moms Can Still Squeeze in That Workout

Being a mom is hard work and finding time to do what you used to can be stressful, as we tend to put our children first. At the forefront of being a good mom is being happy yourself, and this means taking care of your mind and body. Just because we have children, doesn’t meanContinue Reading ” How Busy Moms Can Still Squeeze in That Workout”

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Helping Military in Rehabilitation with Exercising

Injured servicemen and women require all the help they can get to either return to duty or resume civilian life. Rehabilitation and aftercare as well as support from spouses or partners plays a critical role in this difficult time and goes a long way towards helping soldiers get back on their feet. Soldiers can getContinue Reading “Helping Military in Rehabilitation with Exercising”


5 Ways to Tackle Stress

Everyone has stress in their life. Benjamin Franklin said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Most of us know stress is another certainty in life, especially in the life of a military family. There are times when we experience new and exciting levels of stress every day.Continue Reading “5 Ways to Tackle Stress”


Too Busy? 10 Ways to Work Exercise into Your Life

Too Busy? 10 Ways to Work Exercise into Your Life   By: Shari Lopatin and Meghean Cook (triwest health coach)   Between your job, your kids, and maybe even your deployed spouse, you often wonder how you can exercise more, or even at all. Perhaps if the day expanded to 48 hours, regular exercise wouldContinue Reading “Too Busy? 10 Ways to Work Exercise into Your Life”