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The Divorced Dependent: Blindsided

  Guest Post By: Laura Feeney It all happened really suddenly. Life as I knew it and life as I thought it would be no longer existed. I married into military life in August of 2005. Almost 11 years later, I am no longer a military spouse, but I am not leaving empty handed. IContinue Reading “The Divorced Dependent: Blindsided”

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Love Honor and Obey

You’d call me a traditional Army wife.  When I got married the minister asked if I wanted “love, honor and obey” left in my vows- of course.  My husband is the head of my household, and it is my duty as his wife to obey him just as it is his duty to obey hisContinue Reading “Love Honor and Obey”


The Blood and Guts of an Army Divorce

Whomever said “War is Hell!” could have been speaking of an Army divorce, as well. As an Army veteran and then later an Army spouse, the correlation between being a soldier and being a dependent are very similar. When a soldier “signs on the dotted line”, their life is no longer their own.  They transition-Continue Reading “The Blood and Guts of an Army Divorce”

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PTSD- Fighting the Battle Within

“I just want to close my eyes and go to sleep,” he said with a sadness I immediately recognized causing the hair on the back of my neck to stand up.  “I just want to go to sleep and never wake up again.” These are the words my husband spoke to me just a fewContinue Reading “PTSD- Fighting the Battle Within”