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#ThankAVet with DAV This Veterans Day

Imagine it, you serve a year-long deployment in the Middle East. You’re away from your family, friends, everything you know¬†–¬†every creature comfort. You did your job, followed orders, completed your mission, and now it’s time to go home. When you land on the tarmac in the dead of night, there’s no fanfare. No crowds ofContinue Reading “#ThankAVet with DAV This Veterans Day”

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Veteran Finds His Voice in Community Engagement

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. – A voice emerged amongst many to stand for a few. Dwight Bletcher, a Marine veteran, discovered he had a knack for advocacy in the unlikeliest of ways. The 31-year old recently transitioned out of the military and found himself on a path of politics and community engagement. While his days in theContinue Reading “Veteran Finds His Voice in Community Engagement”