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Lets Make a Readiness Folder!

I’m no stranger to the “going it alone” life.  In more ways then one it applies to the military life. For some, it is the very essence of their world. For those of us in the National Guard or Reserves world it can be a daily thing. Having been stationed remotely (without the conveniences ofContinue Reading “Lets Make a Readiness Folder!”

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Mini Deployments

Annual training is just around the corner. The Army National Guard does not always do well at keeping their promises, but this one is always kept- those ‘two weeks a year’ they mention in their commercials and billboards are always penciled in. It’s similar to a month ago, when the Guard called on hundreds ofContinue Reading “Mini Deployments”

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Ask Military Martha- National Guard Questions

HI Military Martha! I hope you can help me out, I’m a nervous wife and I’ve got some questions about the National Guard. My husband is thinking of joining but I feel really in the dark about almost everything in the National Guard. Where would he be sent for training? How likely is he toContinue Reading “Ask Military Martha- National Guard Questions”