Deployment Gremlins

Deployment Gremlins

My husband deployed a few months ago. It’s been hard. It always is but since he’s been away, I’ve had my fair share of deployment gremlins. Anything and everything will go wrong during deployments. It’s just the nature of the beast. You come to expect it. What I didn’t expect this time around was how […]

The Sun Still Shines


Sometimes getting through the darkness means being willing to find the sun. “Be still, sad heart, and cease repining; Behind the clouds is the sun still shining; Thy fate is the common fate of all, into each life some rain must fall, some days must be dark and dreary.” This is the writing of the […]

How I Stay Positive During a Deployment

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Two months in and I’m into the everyday groove. This is the toughest time for most people during a deployment. But with the determination to not let my husband’s absence define my moods I am finding ways to bring positivity into my everyday life. I hate sulking. I spent enough time doing that as a […]

Counting the Days: The Moments Before His Return

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“If you’re getting this email…” When I see those words my heart does a little jump. My husband is coming home soon. His unit is preparing families with Return and Reunion briefs, banner making parties, and last minute get-togethers for spouses. A lump builds in my throat and I begin to daydream about the first […]

Counting the Days: The Moments Before His Deployment

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“If you’re getting this email…” My heart sinks when opening emails from my husband’s unit lately. Emails filled with dates of pre-deployment briefs and links for supportive resources have me wanting to immediately hit the trash icon, erasing them from my computer screen and forgetting I ever opened them. The date in which I have […]

The Current State of Mind

Deployment Driving you Nuts?

It seems that as this deployment progresses along, my mind is regressing. When my husband first left months ago, I was on top of my game. Schedules were planned out weeks in advance. I knew where everyone was supposed to be, when homework assignments were due, and stayed on top of the housework. I was […]

Get a Grip on Stress! (Part 3 – Physical Stress)

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Look down at your hands. See them? That’s all you’ve got…two hands. Two hands to do your household’s daily tasks. Tasks that are usually done by four hands. Tasks like cooking, cleaning, laundry, taking care of the kids, yard work, home maintenance, walking the dogs, washing the cat, etc. It’s overwhelming and sometimes you feel like giving up, but you don’t. Because you […]


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When our service member leaves, our lives change. We are left to hold down the homefront, pay the bills, keep the house in order and take care of the kids. Sometimes we get jobs, go back to school, or both. We do what is necessary to keep busy through the time our spouse is away. […]

Deployment Scare

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My husband and I had a deployment scare a few weeks ago.  Out of the blue he received an e-mail that basically stated he would be filler in another unit that was deploying in the next month or so.  He went about it cool and collected as he always does.  He made phone calls.  Alerted […]

Keeping Grace

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Very rarely do people give the right response when they find out my husband is deployed. And there are really only a handful of responses that I feel are appropriate – or really just one. Very rarely do I get it – and when I do I truly thank them for their words. “Thank them […]

Hard to Breathe

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I was trying not to watch the time. I had deliberately put my phone on the table three feet from my bed. Far enough away that it took a little effort to repeatedly check the time on it but close enough that I could answer it before it completed its first ring. But I knew […]

When Your Child Returns From War: Part 2

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We moms are a proud bunch, always wanting to show off our children, but don’t parade them around to family, and friends like a trophy when they return. This is the time to keep your pride subdued a little because for reasons we can’t comprehend, they don’t always feel like heroes and the extra attention […]

Deployment Stressors from a National Guard Wife


  Photo Courtesy of: Angela Caban (Capturing Smiles Photography) As an Army National Guard wife, I do not have the same resources and support available that active families have. I don’t live on base, have military families around me, and my husbands’ unit does not exactly have the most organized FRG. These are obstacles that […]