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Don’t Let A Rented Home Stop You From Getting Creative

Whether you are a military family or not, if you are renting, sometimes it can seem like it’s impossible to personalize the space. After all, you don’t want to do anything that would upset the landlord or the company that manages your property, do you? That being said, you still want to be able toContinue Reading “Don’t Let A Rented Home Stop You From Getting Creative”


4 Eco-Friendly Ways to Redecorate Your Home

If you’ve ever owned or rented a home, then you’re probably familiar with the impulse to give your surroundings a fresh look by redecorating. Modifying your living space can be an exciting and even therapeutic experience, but before you empty your wallet on needless décor, keep in mind that there are some easy, eco-friendly approachesContinue Reading “4 Eco-Friendly Ways to Redecorate Your Home”


Easy DIY Home Decorating Tips

“If you have the time and money”, that is what most people say when asked about re-decorating. Every house should be a place where we throw off the cares of the world and relax with family and friends. From the kitchen where we launch our busy days to the bedrooms where we close our eyesContinue Reading “Easy DIY Home Decorating Tips”