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Why Aren’t You Saving With Groupon Coupon?

I can still remember the days that I would buy something online without a coupon code. <— (ohhh the horror) I don’t even want to think about all the money that I could have saved.┬áBut long gone are those days! And especially as a stay at home military spouse, I need to find ways toContinue Reading “Why Aren’t You Saving With Groupon Coupon?”


Learning to Use Coupons: Coupon Basics

Coupon Basics Basic Rules to couponing: Buy the right item- Use the coupon only for the products that it is intended for. Use only the proper amount of coupons- if a coupon is $1 off 1 then you only use 1 coupon with 1 item, if it is $1 off 2 then you use 1Continue Reading “Learning to Use Coupons: Coupon Basics”