Support for Coast Guard Families


Support for Coast Guard Families… Over the years I have met many people from other branches of the military. Often times the conversation has turned to support for the spouses of active duty members. This is an important part of any military family. We have so much thrown at us at a time that we […]

My Life, My Honor: The Life of a Coast Guard Wife

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Many people think that the life of the Coast Guard wife is easy. In fact, wives from other branches of the military even look down on us. They think that we have it easier than they do. Most of their husbands are deployed overseas for a year or more at a time. Their husbands are […]

A Brief History Part 2: Coast Guard During Times of War

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In honor of Coast Guard day, I introduced you to a brief history of the Coast Guard. With September 11th just around the corner, I would like to focus on one particular aspect of Coast Guard history that not many know about. I would like to focus on the fact that, “Coast Guardsmen have always […]

United States Coast Guard; A Brief History

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  “It [the Coast Guard] was born on the edge of a storm…the organization was destined to become something far greater, far wider ranging than those who christened it ever could have expected” (The Foundation for Coast Guard History 2004). From its humble beginnings, the Coast Guard has faced and overcome many obstacles. 222 years […]

The Real Coast Guard

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Most of what people know about the Coast Guard comes from the media. They watched Hollywood’s interpretation in “The Guardian.” They were clued to their television sets during Hurricane Katrina. And recently, they’ve been riveted by the glimpse “Coast Guard Alaska” gives them into the CG life. However, these only show small parts of the […]

An Unspeakable Act


The news rings out across the small town, “People are found dead…Murdered.” Life in that small town changes forever. Where once front doors were left unlocked, deadbolts click into place. Where once keys were left in cars, the beep of alarms can be heard. When details emerge and people find out that was Coastguardsmen that […]


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The world of the Coast Guard has once again been rocked to its core. Four of its members have been lost. Coast Guard members and their families have been hit with the hard reality of this life. When they sign the papers to enter the Coast Guard, the member is generally aware of the possible […]

You’re Doing What?

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Transfer time is an excitingly stressful time for anyone in the military. They are preparing to leave behind the friends they’ve made and the home they’ve become accustomed to. Most families in the military have the capability to truly make each location feel like home. This means, in a sense, each time they transfer, they […]

Oh, so, you are a Coast Guard Spouse?

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I have been living in our new location for a year and a half now. I love the Coast and I love the community. What I have some hang-ups about are (1) school curriculum and (2) what seems to be job discrimination. Last year, when I attended one of the parent meetings at the elementary […]

The Waiting Game

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I don’t know how it works in the other branches, but in the Coast Guard we have a transfer season. Every year a group of Coasties wait anxiously to receive their orders so they can head out to new horizons that summer. This year we are a part of that group. We submit our dream […]

Coast Guard: Moms to the Rescue

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Every enlisted Coast Guardsman’s adventure starts at Training Center Cape May, New Jersey. Eight weeks of physical, academic, and mental challenge strip a recruit down and then build them back up to be apprentice Coat Guardsmen. This life changing period culminates with an impressive graduation ceremony. Graduation day includes time for families to meet each […]

Search and Rescue Part 2

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Picture this… The day is crystal clear, and the waters are calm. You’ve decided to spend it on your boat to relax. Everything is going perfect, until one thing goes very wrong. Maybe the engine dies, or the steering fails, or even worse; a storm blows in out of nowhere. Either way, you are stuck […]

His or Hers? Where to Spend the Holidays

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“I’ll be home for Christmas” hums from the stereo speakers, and a moment of nostalgia for your childhood home hits. Mom’s special macaroons, Grandpa’s Christmas fiddle songs, sledding down Uncle Pete’s hill, white elephant gift swap with the cousins. There were happy memories there, and you want your children to experience that too. For many […]

Search and Rescue Part 1

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There are many aspects of the U.S. Coast Guard. One of their largest missions is Search and Rescue (SAR). Each piece of the Coast Guard from the air stations, to the small boat stations, and even the cutters participate in some form of Search and Rescue. Even during the most relaxed moments at a station […]

Coast Guard Life – Autumn Harvest

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Summer is about tilling, planting, fertilizing, watering- and letting the crop grow. In the summer, as you bask in the glow of the sun, you also cross your fingers and hope for a good yield in coming months. Fall is about more than pretty leaves and football games. Fall is the time of year, when […]