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Military Brat Realities

I remember the first time I heard the term “military brat”. I couldn’t figure out why kids would willingly call themselves a brat. Growing up if you were called a brat, that meant you were not a very nice child. That’s certainly not something I would have wanted to be identified as, nor would IContinue Reading “Military Brat Realities”

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Here’s What Happens When You Spend Time Alone

Being alone. What does that even mean today in age? Are we ever really alone? In case you haven’t noticed, we live in a time where the need of being “connected” is worth more than the time spent alone. It’s a world of constant contact, never-ending noises of notifications, texts, tweets, and emails. The resultContinue Reading “Here’s What Happens When You Spend Time Alone”

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Are You Dating Your Spouse? 3 Clear Reasons Why You Should

Most married couples have that thought in the back of their minds where they know that they should be dating their spouse. Most feel guilty if they don’t spend enough quality time together. Most know that they should get away from work, home, and kids to be alone together. But sometimes finding the time andContinue Reading “Are You Dating Your Spouse? 3 Clear Reasons Why You Should”

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Why Military Families Need R&R

What holds you back from you and your family enjoying a well-deserved vacation? One thing that we have never done is create excuses for not taking a family vacation. Even when there was too much work or not enough money, we made it happen. And it didn’t matter where we went, or for how longContinue Reading “Why Military Families Need R&R”