Solo Parenting Your Way

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of 1 Natural Way. All opinions are entirely my own.   As a military spouse, independence is something that we are forced to learn without a choice early on in our relationship. Military life drops you into a whole new world, one where independence isContinue Reading “Solo Parenting Your Way”


The Invisible Line of Parenting

“The invisible line of parenting,”-it’s a phrase I coined, and one I should probably consider copyrighting. It starts like this; you’re going along doing something that is working for your child or children, then one day out of nowhere you’ve crossed the invisible line. That certain something you’ve been doing suddenly isn’t working. Why? BecauseContinue Reading “The Invisible Line of Parenting”


The Issue of Breast Feeding in Uniform – Thoughts from an Outsider

Let me make two things very clear right off the bat here. First, though I hope to be one in the not too distant future, I am not a mother nor am I a soldier. Second I do not, nor does anyone else possess the right to comment on, judge or otherwise have an opinionContinue Reading “The Issue of Breast Feeding in Uniform – Thoughts from an Outsider”