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An Open Letter to Barron Trump

Dear Barron,  I hope you are doing alright. I’m so terribly sorry to hear what people have said about you over the past few days. I’m so sorry that you’ve fallen victim to the mean-spirited nature of this political mess just because you are the President’s son. I’m so very sorry that you must endureContinue Reading “An Open Letter to Barron Trump”

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Anger to Advocacy: Military Kiddos with Autism

I’m sure you haven’t heard anything about the drastic policy change being put into affect in a couple weeks for military children with Autism. I’m lucky that I followed a link through AutismSpeaks that opened my eyes. I am a mother of a military child with Autism and I’m angry. These policy changes have beenContinue Reading “Anger to Advocacy: Military Kiddos with Autism”

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The Diagnosis – Military Kids and Autism

I was surprisingly calm through out the forty-five minute drive to the clinic. No part of me thought we would be leaving this evaluation with anything but an appointment for the next. Honestly, I thought we would be driving home with everything over – with no need for further evaluation. I was expecting an “allContinue Reading “The Diagnosis – Military Kids and Autism”

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Military Children and Autism: The Referral & Diagnosis

When my two-year-old’s doctor asked me if I had ever thought about Autism, I didn’t know what to say. I hadn’t. I hadn’t even thought it was ever a possibility. I thought my child was strong-willed, stubborn, and easily frustrated, that somehow I was failing as a parent. I never thought of Autism. Never inContinue Reading “Military Children and Autism: The Referral & Diagnosis”