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You Knew What You Were Getting Into: Active Guard Reserve

Want to see my eyes roll back and my head start spinning around in a good “Rosemary’s Baby” impression? Look me dead in the eye and tell me, “well you knew what you were getting into!” What I signed up for was the Weekend Warrior version of the game of Life. You know, the oneContinue Reading “You Knew What You Were Getting Into: Active Guard Reserve”

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National Guard & Reserve Unit Names for Africa Deployment

If you missed it over the weekend, the Army Times released the names of the National Guard and Reserve units set for deployment this spring to support U.S. Ebola response operations in West Africa. FULL LIST BELOW… This news has not only impacted our country, but also the families of these National Guard and ReserveContinue Reading “National Guard & Reserve Unit Names for Africa Deployment”

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The National Guard Explained

The National Guard Explained – Homefront United Network On December 13, 1636, the U.S. Army National Guard officially came into existence. Originally organized for a drill in Salem, Massachusetts as a militia group, the National Guard has since continued their tradition of serving our country, both nationally and abroad. This video is not only a history lesson of theirContinue Reading “The National Guard Explained”

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The Sequester and its Effect on the Army National Guard

By: Andrew Waldman on the National Guard Association of the United States February 22, 2013 Yesterday, Mary Catherine Ott ran down some of the cuts that could come to the Air Force and its components if the sequester goes into effect March 1. The National Guard Bureau has been hitting this theme all week with stories on its websiteContinue Reading “The Sequester and its Effect on the Army National Guard”