Military Martha

Ask Military Martha- Discouraged Army Wife

Dear Martha, 

I recently found out that my husband will deploy for the third time. He should get out soon and we were hoping our days of deployments are over. I was, or thought I was, prepared to hear that he would deploy. But Martha I am heart broken I’m not sure why I amContinue Reading “Ask Military Martha- Discouraged Army Wife”


Keep Calm and Carry On – Put it to Use

  One thing I look forward to everyday is having my husband walk through the front door, remove his cover as if to unwind, and allow me to welcome him home with a kiss. I love to be the comfort my husband seeks after a long day at work. And I try my best toContinue Reading “Keep Calm and Carry On – Put it to Use”

DIY/Crafts Homefront

Calling all Crafty and Creative Minds, Alike!

Frank and I discussed writing our own vows for our wedding ceremony. After much thought and consideration, we decided against it and instead wrote each other a letter. Our letters were delivered to each other, by the maid of honor and best man, the morning of the wedding. I knew we wanted to keep them andContinue Reading “Calling all Crafty and Creative Minds, Alike!”