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Bloom Where You Are Planted

Bloom Where You Are Planted Guest Blog By: Leah Borg We have never owned our own home, we are military. But that fact has never stopped me from having my garden, small and insignificant as it may seem. It might just be a kitchen window garden but I love to see things grow! I loveContinue Reading “Bloom Where You Are Planted”


Who is the Military? We vs. He/She

About a month ago, I wrote an article discussing whether military members and their families feel entitled to special privileges and services because of the active duty, retired, or reserve members’ service. Despite my intentions, the article sparked some debate with readers. One of the more pressing issues that seemed to divide the audience wasContinue Reading “Who is the Military? We vs. He/She”

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“Who Am I?”

“Who am I?” Normally, this would be a very easy question to answer. I am a mom, wife, daughter, friend, teacher; a runner…the list goes on. The answer to who I am varies with the season of life and at times is very clear-cut. But at other times, who I am and my purpose inContinue Reading ““Who Am I?””


Realizing the Truth

I believe that not one military spouse knew exactly what they were getting themselves into once they said yes to the most anticipated question of their lives – “will you marry me?” For most their response is an inaudible cry of “yes”, with perhaps an onset of joyful tears. But rarely do we stop andContinue Reading “Realizing the Truth”