Date Your Spouse

Just because you are married it doesn’t mean you should stop dating.

We all need to date our spouse. We all need to spend quality time together away from work, home, and kids.

We have focused on “Back To You”, self-care for busy moms, but what about caring for our relationships?

Date Your Spouse will focus on the importance of dating, recognizing the challenges that many of us face such as; deployments, parenting, and overall busy lives. Keeping that in mind we are also aware that many of us can make excuses for why date nights aren’t happening – we get it, however, we will offer various tools, resources, and informational pieces to help you get your dating groove back with your spouse. We will focus on three very important dating factors…

1. Fueling the Fire
2. Growing Closer
3. Priorities

Dating is still about getting to know someone, even though you may know them well – there’s no one more worthy of that effort than the one you loved before having kids.

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