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3 Degrees to Pursue After the Military

If you’ve been living the military life, it’s possible you’ve only known one career. Perhaps you got into the military when you were a teenager and served your time there. Or, it’s entirely possible you followed the military path as you couldn’t find another job. Regardless, a lot of people serve in the military andContinue Reading “3 Degrees to Pursue After the Military”

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Landing A Civilian Job After Leaving The Military: 3 Helpful Tips

Leaving the military and embracing civilian life can be a sigh of relief for many military families. It doesn’t come without its challenges, especially when it comes to finding work.  It should be because, as a military service member you have acquired skills and a work ethic that many civilians can only dream of. TheContinue Reading “Landing A Civilian Job After Leaving The Military: 3 Helpful Tips”

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Avoiding Financial Mistakes Following Deployment

Content provided courtesy of USAA Member Community. By: Chad Storlie Returning from a deployment, especially a long deployment is great.  You are back with loved ones, you finally have some much-needed time off, and your savings account has never looked better.  Returning from a deployment can be a time of potential financial missteps.  Enjoy being back,Continue Reading “Avoiding Financial Mistakes Following Deployment”

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Notes of Love for Wounded Veteran and His Family

The slogan Virginia is for Lovers took on another form this week as a local Virginia community welcomed a wounded veteran and his family to the area. US Army Sgt Michael Goodrich and his family were welcomed to the North Stafford, Virginia area a few months before their house will be ready by the “OperationContinue Reading “Notes of Love for Wounded Veteran and His Family”