Finance/Money Veterans

Everything You Should Know About VA Loans

VA loans can be a mystery for anyone who hasn’t actually gone through the process. There are all these policies and verbiage that sounds more like a foreign language than anything. However, with a little help, you can easily navigate the ins and outs of purchasing your new home with a VA approved loan. WhatContinue Reading “Everything You Should Know About VA Loans”

Mental Health/Wellness Veterans

Amazing Ways That Animals Assist Veterans

Mental health can be a challenging struggle for many veterans who are trying to live productive, happy and healthy lives back on home soil. Being as healthy as possible in both body and mind is hugely important for our well-being, and unfortunately, it’s far too easy to neglect the latter. Often, the thought of sittingContinue Reading “Amazing Ways That Animals Assist Veterans”

Homefront Veterans

Discover Your Purpose in Life Post-Military

Discover Your Purpose in Life Post-Military After your time in the military is over, you can expect the strange feeling of where to next and stressing over the rest of your life and deciding what you want to do. It’s as if you have picked up started a brand new life. There are a few thingsContinue Reading “Discover Your Purpose in Life Post-Military”

Homefront Veterans

Family Life After the Military: Job Seeking, Home Purchase and Financial Adjustments

An estimated 250,000 enlisted service members and officers return to civilian life each year. For these servicemen & women and their families, integrating into civilian life is not an easy task. Finding a job, relocating to a new home and making financial adjustments are some of the biggest challenges facing a military family. Intensive preparation and planning forContinue Reading “Family Life After the Military: Job Seeking, Home Purchase and Financial Adjustments”