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Sandals Tops the Charts For a Couples Vacation

Vacation is something that we all think about, but what most of us seldom get to actually take. My husband and I talk about taking a vacation all the time. We’ve planned so many of them only for it to fall through because life gets in the way. After six years in between vacations, weContinue Reading “Sandals Tops the Charts For a Couples Vacation”


Take Your Family on a Field Trip

Taking your family on a trip, whether it be for the day or a week, can be a lot of fun. However, many parents want those trips to be educational as well. This is a great way to continue your children’s education at home! There are many ways to do this, but the most funContinue Reading “Take Your Family on a Field Trip”


So You Want to Take a Vacation?

Planning any kind of family vacation is stressful. However, trying to plan a vacation when your spouse is active duty military can seem near impossible at times. Not only do you have the normal issues to contend with, cost, location, etc. you have to deal with your spouse’s command and their ability to take leave.Continue Reading “So You Want to Take a Vacation?”


Travel: A Visit to Tillamook

People flock from all over the world to the Oregon Coast. Most of what draws them there is the breathtaking beauty. However, there are also activities to keep everyone in the family happy as well. The Oregon Coast is perfect for a romantic getaway filled with wine tastings and sunset strolls on the beach. It’sContinue Reading “Travel: A Visit to Tillamook”