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Traveling With Kids During the Holidays = Not Fun

Most of us, if not all of us in the military, have lived away from family during the holiday seasons. We have all experienced the guilt of not being able to make it for the holidays or not being able to see everyone. We have all felt the anguish when our loved one missed aContinue Reading “Traveling With Kids During the Holidays = Not Fun”

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Stress-Relieving Destinations You’ll Appreciate

Life is sometimes stressful but when it begins causing frustrations, it’s time to take action. In women, stress is known as the silent killer and its risks to men aren’t so pretty, either. Stress does a number to your health and overall well-being. It’s hard to focus, function, or otherwise enjoy life when your stressContinue Reading “Stress-Relieving Destinations You’ll Appreciate”


6 Reasons To Take A Beach Vacation

There is something uniquely magical about the beach. The feeling of the sand between your toes, the sound of the waves crashing against the shore, splashing in and out of the water, or even just lying in the sun; everyone loves the beach. However, more than simply a place to enjoy, there are some otherContinue Reading “6 Reasons To Take A Beach Vacation”

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How To Overcome Flight Anxiety and Actually Enjoy Your Trip

Do you love traveling but freak out when the day finally arrives? You are among 25 million Americans who have aerophobia. Statistics tell us that flight anxiety comes second in the list of fears after public speaking in America. We sometimes hear of airplanes disappearing and crashing in different parts of the world. This numberContinue Reading “How To Overcome Flight Anxiety and Actually Enjoy Your Trip”