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Olympics Team has Military Roots

  Olympics Team has Military Roots – Nothing brings out national pride like the Olympics, except for our military. When the two combine, it’s an amazing show of patriotic pride. RIO DE JANIERO, BRAZIL – They are our hometown heroes. The best of America. Super athletes from around the United States representing our country withContinue Reading “Olympics Team has Military Roots”

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Navy Wife Embraces Navy Life – But Keeps Her Identity a Priority

  Lindsay Bradford talks military marriages and personal careers, sharing insight into making both a priority. NAVAL STATION NEWPORT, RHODE ISLAND – Lindsay Bradford may be a newer military wife, but she is no stranger to the pride of belonging to the military family. The Navy wife of 3 years comes from a long lineageContinue Reading “Navy Wife Embraces Navy Life – But Keeps Her Identity a Priority”

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Homeland Attacks: Do You Care?

  I’m tired. I’m so disheartened and heartbroken that I’m exhausted. My country was attacked. My military was attacked. YOUR country was attacked. YOUR military was attacked. Are you heartbroken? Are you exhausted? Are you angry? I’m angry.  I’m so very angry.  A terrorist attacked your country. Your countrymen. Your national servants. They were attackedContinue Reading “Homeland Attacks: Do You Care?”

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Heroism is in the Eye of the Beholder

The idea of a hero is a major part of our society. We have blockbusters in the theater that are all about super heroes saving the world. We have athletes, musicians, and other celebrities that we admire and even put in the place of a hero. We see someone stand up for someone we believeContinue Reading “Heroism is in the Eye of the Beholder”