3 Keys to Staying on Budget for the Holidays

Sponsored Content Courtesy of USAA Community By: Angela Caban During the holiday season, many of us are taking the time to reflect on the meaning of the season. If you’re like me, you’re working to decorate your home to perfection and ensure every meal is a feast. Even when our spouse or loved one is deployedContinue Reading “3 Keys to Staying on Budget for the Holidays”

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Frugal Wardrobe: Up-cycle Your Old Clothes

Consumerism might be convenient, but it costs us some valuable money-saving skills. There was a time when people knew how to darn socks instead of going to the store every time a hole appeared. Using these same skills, you could breathe some new life into your old wardrobe without blowing your budget. As an addedContinue Reading “Frugal Wardrobe: Up-cycle Your Old Clothes”


4th of July Fun on a Budget

Sponsored Content Courtesy of USAA Member Community By: Angela Caban The 4th of July has always been a very special holiday for our household. We are celebrating the birth of our great nation, and as a military family, this has a significant meaning to us. But even though we like to imagine elaborate cookouts – perfectlyContinue Reading “4th of July Fun on a Budget”

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Everything You Need to Know About Buying A Home For A Large Family

The number of children you have is a very personal decision. It is also a matter that is not entirely down to choice because nature plays a role. However, if you have been blessed with a large family, you need to think carefully about choosing a home. Children grow! A house that suits you nowContinue Reading “Everything You Need to Know About Buying A Home For A Large Family”