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5 Ways to Get You Saving This Year

By Andia Dinesen, AFC® VP Communications and Operations Association of Military Banks of America (AMBA) January is a perfect time for service members and their families to perform a financial check-up and determine if saving more money should be one of your New Year’s resolutions. Is it debt you need to pay down or areContinue Reading “5 Ways to Get You Saving This Year”

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What Millennials Need to Know About Entering the Housing Market

Over the past decade, the real estate market turned from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market. More recent college graduates, newlyweds and others on the search to buy that first house might find themselves needing to hunt a little deeper as “cheap” first-time homes are disappearing as we speak. In fact, according to anContinue Reading “What Millennials Need to Know About Entering the Housing Market”

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Student Loan Repayment Companies You Should Know About

According to the 2018 Employee Benefits Report, very few companies offer employer-sponsored student loan repayment benefits. Borrowers who get an employer’s student loan repayment privilege can make extra payments, and therefore be able to pay off their debt faster and with less interest. Here are some of the companies that can help you pay offContinue Reading “Student Loan Repayment Companies You Should Know About”

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A Budget Friendly Valentine’s Day

“Love does not cost a thing, but it demands the most precious part of our being – the heart; easy to give but hard to get back, so give it to those worthy of it.” ~unknown Personal spending limitations can put a damper on the best of intentions. However, love does not equal expensive jewelry or aContinue Reading “A Budget Friendly Valentine’s Day”