8 Lessons in Military Leadership for Entrepreneurs

If you have followed me here on the HUN, and over on my professional site Angela Caban, then you know I am all about encouraging one another. Throughout this life, we have such an amazing opportunity to create ways to be positive and encouraging of one another. Especially for us in the military community, weContinue Reading “8 Lessons in Military Leadership for Entrepreneurs”

National Guard/Reserve Reviews

National Guard 101: A Handbook for Spouses

Finally, a book geared towards Army National Guard Spouses! Since 9/11, virtually every unit of the National Guard—a force the size of the entire active Army—has served on active duty for one or more of the deployments at home or abroad. The last time that the entire National Guard had been mobilized was for World War II.Continue Reading “National Guard 101: A Handbook for Spouses”

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Sandals Tops the Charts For a Couples Vacation

Vacation is something that we all think about, but what most of us seldom get to actually take. My husband and I talk about taking a vacation all the time. We’ve planned so many of them only for it to fall through because life gets in the way. After six years in between vacations, weContinue Reading “Sandals Tops the Charts For a Couples Vacation”

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ShaveMOB: The Perfect Stocking Stuffer!

Recently the Homefront United Network was asked to review ShaveMOB. I was actually excited upon receiving this email. First reason is that I have a love/hate relationship with shaving. The only part I like about it is the fact that I only have to do it once a week, I barely have any hair. TheContinue Reading “ShaveMOB: The Perfect Stocking Stuffer!”