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Does Green Chef Really Save You Time and Money in the Kitchen?

Type in “home meal delivery” into an internet search engine and you’ll discover an array of companies promising high quality, healthy and cost-effective meals delivered straight to your doorstep. The home meal delivery trend is steadily growing in the United States, and for a good reason. It takes away the painstaking chore of planning dinners,Continue Reading “Does Green Chef Really Save You Time and Money in the Kitchen?”

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Hello Fresh Review and GIVEAWAY

I’m a foodie – like, food is all I think about. Seriously. I wake up and am already excited about lunch, and thinking about what to make for dinner. I am also one who enjoys to cook. I love spending hours in the kitchen preparing fresh home-made meals for my family. I sincerely get soContinue Reading “Hello Fresh Review and GIVEAWAY”

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My Summertime Fling: Wildwood Days

We know by mid-November where we will be taking our annual summer vacation. This year we decided on Virginia Beach, VA early in July. It was breathtaking. We stayed in a small resort area where we were only 1 block from the beach and had the bay off our deck. It was a perfectly plannedContinue Reading “My Summertime Fling: Wildwood Days”


Revolutionary, Medication-Free Method To Pleasantly Increase Brain Function

Revolutionary, Medication-Free Method To Pleasantly Increase Brain Function There are herbal remedies on the market today that say they help the brain to function at optimum levels. One such product you may have heard about on television is Prevagen. This medication is just one such product in the new lately showing promise if you wish to enhanceContinue Reading “Revolutionary, Medication-Free Method To Pleasantly Increase Brain Function”