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An Open Letter to Barron Trump

Dear Barron,  I hope you are doing alright. I’m so terribly sorry to hear what people have said about you over the past few days. I’m so sorry that you’ve fallen victim to the mean-spirited nature of this political mess just because you are the President’s son. I’m so very sorry that you must endureContinue Reading “An Open Letter to Barron Trump”

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What Inauguration Reminded Me About Being an American

I have been feeling the weight of personal opinions and politics on me a lot lately. The world of social media is a chaotic place. You get caught up in discussions, disagreements and sometimes need a friendly reminder that while you may not agree with others views, you have that right. While attending the events,Continue Reading “What Inauguration Reminded Me About Being an American”

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Dear President-Elect

Dear President-Elect Trump, On Friday, with the world watching, you will raise your right hand and take the oath of office – the oath of the highest office held in our nation. I will be watching. My children will be watching. People who supported you and people who didn’t will stand in silence and watchContinue Reading “Dear President-Elect”


We Make Our Nation

I’ve sat at my computer typing and deleting, typing and deleting. I have so many thoughts, so many emotions, and arguments, and feelings. There is so much hurting in my heart. I’m angry. I’m sad. I’m scared. I’m heartbroken. But I’m not shocked. I’ve thought we were going this way. I’ve thought it for aContinue Reading “We Make Our Nation”