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Month of the Military Child: 6 Books for Military Children

During the Month of the Military Child, it’s important to recognize that your child serves and sacrifices, too. Military children often go without the love and support of their parents while one, and sometimes both, serve overseas. They transition schools an average of between six and nine times during the course of their academic careers,Continue Reading “Month of the Military Child: 6 Books for Military Children”

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Making What’s Important to Mothers; A Mother’s Day Craft

As Mother’s Day approached I felt a little more emotional than usual.  This year I won’t be with my mom.  It’s one of the first years I won’t be with her to celebrate either on or around the holiday.  Every mom (including myself) says that its not about the gifts.  I know that my momContinue Reading “Making What’s Important to Mothers; A Mother’s Day Craft”


Survivor’s Guilt vs. Friend’s Remorse

Six years ago during my son’s second deployment his unit suffered many casualties. In my desire to learn how to help him through the vast array of emotions I assumed he’d experience I read several articles. Throughout many of them was the term ‘survivor’s guilt’. A term I’d never heard before it intrigued me. It’sContinue Reading “Survivor’s Guilt vs. Friend’s Remorse”