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America the Beautiful, America the Diverse

  America the Beautiful, America the Diverse When I was a young girl growin’ up in Bloomfield, Missouri my pappy used to play this song on the record player: It was a darn familiar tune, but when Mr. Ray Charles played it, it didn’t sound nothin’ like I done learnt it in school.  His startsContinue Reading “America the Beautiful, America the Diverse”

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Wedding Guest Etiquette

Summer’s here ya’ll bringin’ with it good stuff; picnics, county fairs, barbecues, fireworks and the one thing ya’ll might dread as much as I do- weddings!  I swear ya’ll I don’t need a calendar to tell me it’s June cause my ol‘ mailbox has more weddin‘ invites than Carters has pills.  Don’t get me wrong,Continue Reading “Wedding Guest Etiquette”

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Uncle Clyde’s Sweet Tea Recipe

If ya’ll are as big of fans as I am of Duck Dynasty, then ya’ll are in love with Uncle Si Robertson.  Now that man there knows how to drink him some sweet tea!  I ain’t never seen that man without his Tupperware tea cup in his hand, with some sweet tea in it!  HeContinue Reading “Uncle Clyde’s Sweet Tea Recipe”